The Health Research Board (HRB) website defines Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) as follows: 

By 'public' we mean everyone in Ireland who has an interest in health and social care as a public service, including potential users of services. By 'patient' we mean people who use services such as patients, service users, clients or their carers. By 'involvement' we mean the active involvement between people who use services, carers, the general public and researchers. It does not include the use of people as participants in research (or as research 'subjects') and does not provide data for individual research projects.

PPI is very important to us, to ensure views, needs and interests of those affected by our research are heard and considered in how we design, perform, and report our research. Contact us to learn more about PPI or to get involved.

Previous and Upcoming Events

20 June 2024

PhD Students Eva Woods and Narin Suleyman attended the MND Global Awareness Day Event by the IMNDA at Salesforce, presenting some of their research on ALS/MND.

15 June 2024

PhD Student Eva Woods presented some of her Huntington's Disease research to children at a Soapbox Science event in Dublin. See Soapbox Science hitting Dublin again, with thrilling line-up of speakers ( and News | UCD Earth Institute.

21 May 2024

PhD student Eva Woods and researchers from the Academic Unit of Neurology organized a Huntington's Disease event with talks from researchers and clinicians in Huntington's Disease, for HD Awareness Day at Trinity College Dublin.

21 June 2023

IMNDA and TCD event for MND Global Awareness Day

Past Webinars

TMS-Based Research of Huntington's Disease

Dr Roisin McMackin Talks about her Research