Lab News

May 2024

Congratulations to Narin Suleyman for winning the Derry and Phyllis Kelleher Travel Fellowship worth €2500 from Trinity College Dublin. The Fellowship enables medical graduates who are pursuing clinical research careers to travel abroad to enhance their research experience.

Congratulations to final-year PG Medicine Student Yasmine Tadjine, who will be re-joining our lab in July to complete her Academic Track research. We are very excited to have her back on board.

April 2024

Thanks to UG students Abby Field, Faye Keenan, Séamus O'Sullivan, and Etain O'Meara, for their valuable contributions to our lab and congratulations on the successful completion of their capstone projects. We wish them the best of luck on the next chapter of their careers.

March 2024

PhD Students Eva Woods and Narin Suleyman were selected, along with 13 other women from a diverse array of fields, to present their research at the Women in Research Ireland Research Showcase 2024. Congrats to Eva Woods for winning Best Presentation!

Huge congrats to Eva Woods whose paper Accelerating P300-based neurofeedback training for attention enhancement using iterative learning control: a randomised controlled trial just got published in the Journal of Neural Engineering! Eva co-authored this paper while working on Brain-Computer Interfaces under the supervision of Prof Tomás Ward and Prof John V. Ringwood as an undergrad at Maynooth University.

February 2024

Welcome to Claudia Miret Esque! Claudia is an Erasmus student from Spain, who will work on ERP analysis of SART and MMN data as part of her capstone project.

November 2023

A warm welcome to BA Human Health and Disease student Abby Field and BA Physiology student Faye Keenan who will be completing their capstone projects with us. Abby will use EEG to analyse how depression and anxiety affect theory of mind. Faye's project will focus on the effects of audiovisual stimuli on TMS.

October 2023

A warm welcome to our new lab members! Karen Muthiah (MSc. Biomedical Engineering) will be analysing MRI data in healthy volunteers. BA Neuroscience students Séamus O'Sullivan and Etain O'Meara will complete their capstone projects with us, analysing data from an EEG language task and investigating the effects of medication on event-related potentials in Multiple Sclerosis, respectively.

August 2023

Huge congratulations to Dr Roisin McMackin for receiving the Neuroscience Ireland Early Career Investigator Award and to Yasmine Tadjine for successfully presenting her work on "The effects of background audiovisual processing on the TMS measures of coritical excitability for biomarker research in ALS" at the Neuroscience Ireland Conference 2023.

Congratulations to Dr Roisin McMackin on receiving a grant from The ALS Association! This grant will help us measure nervous system function of individuals with C9orf72 mutations but no ALS symptoms... read more.

Congratulations to Eva Woods for receiving a £500 travel bursary to attend the Autumn School at Ulster University in October! Eva will be attending the school from 24-28 October to learn more about Computational Neuroscience, Neurotechnology, and Neuro-inspired AI. 

June 2023 

Congratulations to Séamus O'Sullivan for receiving an HRB Student Summer Scholarship! We are excited to have Séamus in our team this summer. Séamus is a third-year neuroscience student who will work with us to determine whether baseline EMG amplitude affects single- and paired-pulse TMS measures.